Kindly helps businesses buy high-quality data at the best price

Kindly helps businesses buy high-quality data at the best price

Mon Mar 09 2020

Buy Data Based on Data

Most enterprises have recognized that using data and machine learning is important for their survival. However, very few businesses have enough data on their own or the resources to hire full-time data scientists. Thus it becomes imperative to buy data and machine learning products.

Why change what you are doing now?

We believe there are currently three problems facing businesses buying data:

  1. Problem: Data is a commodity, but priced like a luxury - you can find the revenue and number of employees for Apple Inc. on Wikipedia, but you still end up paying $40,000 for US company information.

  2. Problem: Data quality changes, but your contract doesn’t - Before you buy IP/company mapping, you verify with the vendor that their data is correct. One month into the contract 20% of IPs have changed and don’t match anymore. Do you get your money back? It’s most likely your problem.

  3. Problem: Salesmen promise the world, but you want the truth - Best, accurate, biggest, next-generation, deep learning, AI is what they say trying to get you to buy their data. All you wanted is transparency about the manual updates on a monthly basis, causing 15% false positives. You wanted the truth!

What do we do?

We started Kindly with the idea that businesses should “buy data based on data”. Our mission is to help businesses find the best data/ml products in 6 steps:

  1. You select your use case

  2. We shop around for you based on the actual quality of data/ml for your use case 

  3. We present you with your best option by connecting to various vendors through their APIs

  4. You always have the final choice

  5. We deliver you the data/ml through download or API

  6. We monitor all products so you never have to look at it again

Why us?

Our solution lets you integrate once and always be served the best data

  1. Solution: better data, same price - Because we can switch out the source of data at any time, with zero impact to you, we are constantly horsetrading to get you the best data and the best price. Our data is on average 30% cheaper as there is no human in the loop. Thus providing you a luxury experience for a commodity price.

  2. Solution: better data, no contract, no sales meetings: We constantly monitor your match rates, the integrity of your data, and use statistics to benchmark your results against other APIs. If we find better data at a slightly higher price, we switch it out. Changes in data quality are not your problem.

  3. Solution: transparency, and assurance: First of its kind, we provide complete data and model assurance including transparency on price, data accuracy, robustness, privacy, explainability, bias, and susceptibility to adversarial attacks. Relying on external vendors using our X-rayML is a matter of trust but verify

Why now?

Your data needs to evolve. One day you need lead enrichment, the next IP to company matching, and maybe the next you want to run a model to score your leads. Whatever data problem you have, we can solve it. And, if we don’t have a solution for you, we’ll take your data, shop around for providers for you, integrate with the best providers and give you results, transparency and assurance. Integrate with the leader in data/ml benchmarking and delivery today!

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