Use your data to help your B2B customers struggling with COVID-19

Use your data to help your B2B customers struggling with COVID-19

Fri Apr 10 2020

Your Data is Our Passion

In the past three weeks, we noticed many of our business customers struggling with their day-to-day operations. A similar situation is likely facing your business. 

To help our most distressed customers we offered them a 100% discount for the next 3 months on all our services. This move is a strong signal we're all in this COVD-19 challenge together. That offer worked out so well for our customer engagement, we think you should do it too. 

Following are the details of how we identified our Top-10 struggling customers. 

  1. We had one question: “What is the ranked list of our customers most distressed by COVID-19 in the next quarter?”

  2. Using our marketplace, we found all the vendors providing estimates to the above question e.g. D&N, Scoutbee, Axio, and others

  3. Next, we found the best model by ranking vendors on price, performance, and model explainability.

  4. Using the winning model we chose our Top-10 customers distressed by COVID-19.

  5. To those, we offered our full 100% discount.

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Why Work With

You use data and machine learning to support your business. But how do you know if it’s quality is up to the job? Or if it’s doing what you’re expecting? Our company is benchmarking and delivering data and machine learning product. Your data is our passion. Obviously, your data remains yours and won’t be used by us for any other purposes than helping you and your business, see our Security Policy.


Imagine your customer list contains 1,000 companies from F500 to small businesses. On some companies, you have their company domain but for others, all you have is their location, industry and employee number. Here is an example. Does this agree with your intuition? Have you come to a similar conclusion about your customers please let us know [email protected].